For information on what sponsors are, 

how sponsorships work, 

how to change sponsors, 

how to become a sponsor, 

and more, including how to inquire about remote sponsorship...

check out the MA World Services page on sponsorship: https://marijuana-anonymous.org/how-it-works/about-sponsorship/

Remote Sponsorship

MA has a Remote Sponsorship program for those who are having difficulty finding a sponsor. 

Interested in being of service? We need sponsors of all gender identities to pair with the many requesting sponsees. To apply, fill out the form linked on this page: https://marijuana-anonymous.org/how-it-works/about-sponsorship/

There is a new email address to request a remote MA sponsor or to volunteer to be a Remote Sponsor: 

If someone can't find a sponsor in their MA meetings, or in another recovery fellowship program, we will try to facilitate between remote sponsors and sponsees via this email address. This email is for both potential sponsors and sponsees. Please spread the word in your district and groups.