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The MA Mobile App includes features to search our worldwide database for in-person, online, and phone meetings, a comprehensive collection of our pamphlets and basic text, an interactive step working guide, a sobriety time counter in both days and years, months and days, provides access to online meeting chatrooms and our forum, and a directory of districts and links to our websites and online literature store.

"Life with Hope"

The basic text of Marijuana Anonymous, this book fully describes the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of the program as they relate specifically to marijuana addicts. It is an excellent resource for all marijuana addicts seeking recovery through our proven Twelve Step program. 


Numerous pamphlets discuss a range of topics related to our program of recovery, including: 

  - Detoxing from Marijuana

  - Working the Program

  - Dangers of Cross Addiction

  - Beginning Meditation

"A new leaf" - newsletter

This monthly newsletter published by recovering marijuana addicts shares fresh stories from the fellowship, a celebration of sober anniversaries, and recovery news from around the world. 

Feel free to send your stories and art to: 

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