District Service

What is a GSR and why do i keep hearing that term?

It's short for "General Service Representative," an important link in the structure of M.A. 

What does a GSR "represent"? The GSR is one person elected by a meeting to represent that meeting at the District level by reporting on how the meeting is going, and getting chips or literature if needed, or any other support. Primarily this entails going to the District's monthly meeting on Zoom. The GSR job carries information in both directions--so they also represent the District back to the meeting by bringing announcements and news from the District and Marijuana Anonymous World Services.

When are the meetings? The meetings for District 7 (southen Los Angeles county) are held on Zoom on the second Wed. of each month at 7:30pm Pacific time. The link to the meeting is here. Everyone is welcome to attend, whether you represent a meeting or not. People from other districts are also welcome. At the meeting you can learn ways to get more involved in your recovery. By meeting and collaborating with other M.A. members, you form more community. 

What is happening there and what does it mean to be more involved? The District committee has many roles, some of which are open and ready for a new volunteer. You'd get help to learn all you needed (which is called service sponsorship, where a fellow who has knowledge of a job orients or trains you). Some of the District-level roles will sound familiar from the positions you can hold in an MA meeting, like Treasurer, Secretary, Literature, Chips and a Hospitals and Institutions Chair (H & I). Other District Chair roles include events, communications, webmaster, and public information. 

What roles are currently open? Secretary/Scribe, Chips, H & I and a delegate to connect to Marijuana Anonymous World Services. The Secretary/Scribe takes notes of the monthly meeting. 

How do I get on the email list and get monthly reminders about the meetings? Reach out to MAD7 @ googlegroups.com and ask to be added to the group

july 2023 Pitch Points 

District News

To donate to District 7, visit http://PayPal.me/MAdistrict7 OR login on http://Paypal.com and donate to info@MAdistrict7.org and in the notes add your meeting name + “7th Tradition.”

Meeting News 

Meetings that need support: 


“High Hopes” Meeting Reopens In Person on September 20th! 

Wednesday Nights, from 7:30-9:00 pm

At the Thelma McMillan Center,
3333 Skypark Dr. Ste. 200.
Head on over to Room 8 (2nd floor through the door to the right of the elevator)

The meeting includes free parking, sobriety chips, literature, refreshments, and hugs! 

This is an open meeting…Long-timers and newcomers are all welcome!

More info for each District 7 meeting can be found on our meetings page.

Heads up - our neighbors in District 6 have 2 new in-person meetings!

3625 Winter Canyon Rd. Classroom #8 Malibu 90264

Contact Brad E 503-860-7635

Thursday 7:30 PM Noho Beginners (1-Hr)

MCC United Church – Annex Building

5730 Cahuenga Blvd North Hollywood, CA 91601

(Meeting is in the Annex. Enter via garden gate from parking lot, to left of

main hall or follow signs. On-site parking available.) 

mar-anon announcement

Info for friends and family members with a marijuana-addicted loved one from MAWS Correspondence Trustee, Nina:

There is a program for loved ones of Marijuana Addicts similar to Al-Anon and Nar-Anon.  It is Mar-Anon.  Check out their website at mar-anon.com.  They have an online meeting daily and recently two in-person meetings have opened up though neither are in the District 7 area. (One just opened in the San Diego area.)  Please pass on this information to interested folks.

Looking for more up-to-date pitch points to make sure your meeting stays in the know? Try this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QX0uIAkfcA93kPuGHs3R10JU4WCp1lnUmQZ9P9ytfPs/edit

Thank you for your strength, your hope, and your service. 



District 7’s Relation to MA World Services

The fellowship of Marijuana Anonymous is served by the non-profit corporation called Marijuana Anonymous World Services. The purpose of MA World Services is to provide everything necessary for the fellowship of MA to function. Similarly, District 7 provides services to MA meetings in our territory, the Southern Los Angeles Metro area. District 7 is one of many MA Districts that have chosen to support the broader services offered by MA World Services (shout out to our sweet sister district, District 6, serving North Los Angeles!)

Typically, each D7 meeting elects a General Services Representative, or GSR, who makes weekly or monthly announcements from our district or from World Services at their meeting. GSRs meet once a month to share information and updates, and to collect the pitch points we make in our GSR announcements. 

For more information about the different levels of service that make up Marijuana Anonymous, take a look at the "Services" tab on the MarijuanaAnonymous.org website. M A World Services is sometimes abbreviated as MAWS, which rhymes with paws.