District Service

what is a gsr?

GSR is short for "General Service Representative," an important link in the structure of MA.

The GSR is a person elected by a meeting to represent that meeting at the District level by reporting on how the meeting is going, and getting chips or literature if needed, or any other support. Primarily this entails going to the District's monthly meeting (the "District Service Committee," also referred to as the DSC). The GSR job carries information in both directions -- so they also represent the District back to the meeting by bringing announcements and news from the District and Marijuana Anonymous World Services.

When are the DSC meetings? 

The District Service Committee (DSC) meetings for District 7 are hybrid and meet the second Wednesday of every month from 7:30 pm to 8:30 or 9 pm PST.

The in-person component meets at Stoner Park in West LA (1835 Stoner Ave, LA 90025). There is a parking lot off of Missouri Ave. We will meet in the Community Room next to the outdoor basketball courts, and we have pizza!

The Zoom link, which is the same every month, is here

Everyone is welcome to attend, whether you represent a meeting or not. People from other districts are also welcome. GSRs are important because we need to have a channel of communication open with your meeting, and GSRs serve this function. 

What is "District-level service?" 

If you attend as a GSR or meeting representative, that's great! If you also want to take on a District-level commitment, that's encouraged as well! You can find out more about District service at the monthly DSC meeting. 

As a new Chair, you'd get help to learn all you needed (which is called service sponsorship, where a fellow with experience in your new position trains you). Some of the District-level roles will sound familiar from the positions you can hold in an MA meeting, like Treasurer, Secretary, Literature, Chips, and Hospitals and Institutions Chair (H&I). These roles are a little different than their meeting-level counterparts because you're helping coordinate chips, donations, or literature, or H&I volunteers for or from other meetings in D7, on behalf of the District. Other District Chair roles include Events, Communications, Webmaster, and Public Information. Come to a meeting and ask about the service role that interests you. Even if it's currently filled, you'll get an idea of what you can bring to the table in the future, and get to know more fellows!

Some of the roles that are currently waiting for you to help with are Secretary/Scribe, Chips, H&I, and a delegate to connect to Marijuana Anonymous World Services. We usually have elections in December/January annually, but people have been known to volunteer when they are available to be of service, and we're extremely grateful for that. 

How do I get on the email list and get monthly reminders about the meetings? 

GSRs and the District primarily communicate via our Google Group. Reach out to info.MADistrict7@gmail.com  and ask to be added

feb 2024 Pitch Points 


2nd Annual Carol R. Memorial Variety Show

Date: Saturday 4/20

Location: Fairfax Senior Center in West Hollywood  

If you would like to be of service or who would like to perform  please contact mcliam@gmail.com or text 310.266.8910

See Events page of website to learn more, or ask you GSR if you are at a meeting.


Join the Trailblazers, the hiking group for MA District 7, that meets every Sunday 


District News

Open positions on the District Service Committee

Open Positions:

If members are interested in helping out their in-person meetings, anyone who is willing can bring in their old chips so that members can celebrate their milestones. If your meeting is on Zoom and you’d like to donate chips, please get in touch with Phil W for his mailing address. mcliam@gmail.com

MA World Service News:


Meetings that need support:

Come join us as we focus on the chakras to free the mind, honor the body, and unleash the spirit. Please be on time, as we may not be able to let you in while meditation is in progress. We like to say, "If you want to meditate, don't be late!"

Meeting information; https://madistrict7.org/

More info for each District 7 meeting can be found on our meetings page.


Looking for more up-to-date pitch points to make sure your meeting stays in the know? Try this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QX0uIAkfcA93kPuGHs3R10JU4WCp1lnUmQZ9P9ytfPs/edit

Thank you for your strength, your hope, and your service. 

mar-anon announcement

Info for friends and family members with a marijuana-addicted loved one from MAWS Correspondence Trustee, Nina:

There is a program for loved ones of Marijuana Addicts similar to Al-Anon and Nar-Anon.  It is Mar-Anon.  Check out their website at mar-anon.com.  They have an online meeting daily and recently two in-person meetings have opened up though neither are in the District 7 area. (One just opened in the San Diego area.)  Please pass on this information to interested folks.


District 7’s Relation to MA World Services

The fellowship of Marijuana Anonymous is served by the non-profit corporation called Marijuana Anonymous World Services. The purpose of MA World Services is to provide everything necessary for the fellowship of MA to function. Similarly, District 7 provides services to MA meetings in our territory, the Southern Los Angeles Metro area. District 7 is one of many MA Districts that have chosen to support the broader services offered by MA World Services (shout out to our sweet sister district, District 6, serving North Los Angeles!)

Typically, each D7 meeting elects a General Services Representative, or GSR, who makes weekly or monthly announcements from our district or from World Services at their meeting. GSRs meet once a month to share information and updates, and to collect the pitch points we make in our GSR announcements. 

For more information about the different levels of service that make up Marijuana Anonymous, take a look at the "Services" tab on the MarijuanaAnonymous.org website